Chad Marais – Big barrel at Rifles in the Mentawais

Surfer: Chad Marais / Videographer: Dan Rabie
Description: Chad Marais gets shacked on a bomb set during an empty Rifles session while Caide Oxland provides running commentary.

Article written by zigzag

12 responses to “Chad Marais – Big barrel at Rifles in the Mentawais”

  1. ET! thanks bru – appreciate the support!!

  2. @ Brandon + Chad – Spot on, I agree. One of the craziest waves I have seen in this comp. The crap thing is the wave bends away from the camera for that second section, which is the deepest and heaviest. You know this if you’ve surfed Rifles. If that was shot from the front, Chad would be swallowed alive most of the ride. But I think the angle is gonna cost you. Still hope you win though.

  3. haha – thanks Brandon – really appreciate the comment bru!

    Yea – quality isn’t great at all – it was shot on a tiny little hand-held vibe from like 300 meters away – I’m surprised it even came out that good

    lol – ja bru – that section at 1 min 06 was flipping mental – that thing threw so wide it was a joke!

    too much fun!

  4. Every time I get to 1 min 6 on the vid I kak my broek!

  5. I have watched this about 20 times now. I think this is what the 1ww was created for. Low profile guy scoring a wave we all dream of. Would go as far to say that this could be overall winner. Only issue the judges will discuss here is the quality and presentation of this entry. Video is very pulled back. You do not get the true brutality of Rifles. Nice work Chad.

  6. Shot bru :D right place, right time indeed!!

  7. Right place, right time and all alone – awesome barrel boet

  8. Shot Jerome!

    Ja – went mutant on the inside – too much fun that!

  9. Chad, sick one cuzz, that last section looked like it could have been very naaice

  10. That wave is a mutant.

  11. Yoh Yoh Yoh !!!! \m/

  12. Screammer barrel

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